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Welcome to my 3D portfolio. I completed my studies as a 3D Character Artist at Think Tank Training Centre / TTO in 2023. Ever since, I am committed to honing my craft to refine and perfect my skills in modeling, sculpting, texturing and lookdev. In addition I add to skill set a passion for storytelling, concept development, compositing, and video editing. The characters featured in my portfolio are a testament to my creativity, commitment and continuous growth as a 3D artist.


With a background in painting and experience in brand and design, I developed a keen interest in blending technology with traditional art. This passion has led me to create my first mixed media collection, Art_Save_Life. The process begins with a drawing, which is then digitally manipulated before being transferred back onto paper. In the series Endangered Species, I take it a step further by incorporating acrylic, ink, and other fine art mediums. In our technology-driven society, it is crucial to remember the value of human interaction and to physically engage with the world around us. I intentionally interrupt the digital process as a reminder that we must “physically” do more to coexist with wildlife, nature and each other.

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